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Exploring and expressing the stories within us is the at heart of my work. Our collaboration goes beyond the seen; it's about revealing the poetry of your life—the story of your art, the story of your relationship, the story of your family, your maternity journey, or your wedding. I’m a storyteller through imagery, deeply committed to witnessing and capturing the wild, tender tales that define you, all while having an incredibly fun time together.

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Karen Pride

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Karen creates honest, raw images of her subjects through her artful, candid approach—during our session, she encouraged us to be ourselves while gently guiding us into the good light and helping us pose or relax when we felt awkward about being in front of the camera. Additionally, as a lesbian couple who present masc and femme, Karen didn’t make assumptions about who should be holding who based on height, haircut, or clothing style—we were free to hold one another the way we naturally do. 

Karen’s work is sensual and intimate, and she has a meticulous eye for detail—intertwined hands and legs, the pursed lips of a kiss, fingers braided through hair, the blur of a couple rolling around in bed. Through her lens, she bears witness to our humanity and shows us just how beautiful we are. The way Karen captured the love between me and my wife is as sacred as the love itself.




For many years Karen has captured me naked in front of her lens. As a mother, a partner, an artist, a wellness practitioner, a human. Her power is in how she sees the world and enables her subject to transform in front of her lens. 

Karen can capture the mundane and bring forth beauty in the everyday. I am forever changed by how Karen has seen me and allowed me to see the world anew.




Karen has a gift for being in presence with people - offering them the space to be however they are in that moment and capturing the honesty of it. Pregnancy and parenting has offered me a newfound sense of intimacy, but I've also found it hard to know where I end and my family begins. Our shoots with Karen offered me a reflection that let me relish in that complexity, to see the swirl of individual and communal as the magical mess it is. It's been a gift to be held in the authenticity of each moment we share with her - knowing that she's capturing the hidden magic of our everyday experiences with spontaneity and a reverence for light, composition and astounding beauty




I approached Karen about doing a photo shoot about eight months after a serious medical event in my life. I knew I wanted to document my healing but I wasn't sure how. I was familiar with Karen's work, but had no idea how perfect of a fit she would be for this shoot. Her level of artistry is unmatched. I will cherish the photos forever and they will hang in my home as pieces of art. Through photography, Karen helped me heal and celebrate myself in a way I didn't think was possible. I will be forever grateful to her.




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Born and raised in Michigan, I was bitten by the travel bug at age 10 when my Aunt took me on my first plane ride. Fittingly, that plane was bound for Nashville, where I now reside part-time. I still remember the awe of gazing out the window while we ascended into the clouds. My love for travel was sparked instantly, and has only deepened over the years. It led me to Portland, Oregon at age 23, where I began building my career as a chef and restaurateur. I sold my restaurants a few years ago and have been focused on photography ever since.

Portland and Nashville are my home bases, yet I call the road my home as well. If you are in search of a photographer to meet you at your dream destination, I'm your gal! Or come meet me at one of my many favorite spots around the world---this one wild, beautiful life is our creative playground. 

Based in Portland, OR & Nashville, TN, but if travel is involved, I'm already there. 

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Every story, every moment, it’s your time to shine. Here’s what makes my heart beat the hardest. 

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