HI, I’M karen

I have the honor of capturing the essence of a person, to bear witness to your story. What is more pure, exciting, and beautiful than that? As a photographer, I get to honor what I loved most about owning restaurants; I get to connect with people, nourish and nurture community, and serve each person's needs, while focusing on the tiniest details to tell a larger story. Your story. 

I believe that through art, we find what we need. Whether that's a sense of belonging, celebration, healing, connection, or purpose, through art, we find our way to our truest selves. Over the years, I have had the privilege of holding multiple art forms in my hands. I've been a chef and owned several restaurants, I am a ceramicist, and for the better part of the last decade, I have been a photographer for other artists, couples, and families. 

capturing the feelings you never want to forget

A deeper look at who I am and what makes my soul sing.

I believe that Everything Matters. You see, the parts create a whole, therefore life is made up of details. When we give true attention to the ingredients and process of anything, the final product will reflect that intention. 

When you and I work together, I will take the time to get to know you. I want to hear what makes your heart sing and sizzle, what makes your soul melt, and your eyes dance. How are you, truly? What chapter of life are you in? How can I best show up for you at this particular moment in time? 

Everything Matters. The process is as important as the product. From the first day we connect, to the images that you lovingly place into a photo album, I will do my best to infuse each step of the way with quality, intention, deep care, and a dose of joy.

Everything Matters

When I am behind my camera I am watching and listening for the in-between moments. The instant when vulnerability shines in the eyes, the subtle gestures and reactions that are exquisitely unique to that individual or couple, the precious glance or laugh that we can all recognize as real and raw. The perfectly imperfect moments of life.
Movement, connection, emotion, softness, music, nature, self expression, intimacy, and natural light guide my work. 
Creatives and curious people have my heart.

I am most inspired by photos that are brimming with emotion. Photos that look like your favorite song lyric.

“With every shoot I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”

Every photo session is different because every person is different. Our time together begins when we first connect. I will always schedule a phone call, video call or a coffee date so that we may get to know one another. I want to hear about your desires, intentions, and even your fears around and beyond a photo session. 

From that point forward we will begin the planning process. We'll talk about location, timing, clothing, the feeling for the shoot, and inspiration.

On the day of the session you will have my full attention. I believe that the process is just as important as the product, therefore your comfort is a very high priority for me.

I will encourage you to be yourself. To breathe easy, turn on tunes that enliven your soul, and lean into the moment. My job is to make beautiful images, while your job is to be your beautiful self in your beautiful life. I will guide you gently, and together we will create photos to be cherished for a lifetime and beyond.

Documenting the Real.

I am introspective, introverted, joy seeking, light chasing, curious, adventurous, and energetic. My sun is in  Sagittarius, my moon and rising in Taurus. My passion for art, nature, food, experiences, deep conversation and travel is endless. I'm an optimist who tends to see the best in everyone, and I am a really good listener.

It would be impossible to talk about my favorite things without dedicating some space to my partner, musician Phillip-Michael Scales. He makes me laugh, is always down to share a meal, and he holds me tightly in the morning sun .

All of my favorite things are experiences. Put me on an airplane to almost anywhere in the world, cover me in clay while I create mugs that will soon be filled with a steaming beverage, turn up the folk tunes as I smush butter into flour for seasonal strawberry galettes. 

I want to feel it all. On a walk you will find me crushing fresh rosemary between my fingertips and breathing in the scent. If I am near grass my toes will be in it. Near a body of water I will never stay dry. Life is a one way trip and none of us are getting out alive, so I will sip the sweet nectar of every passing day.

Tasting the Freedom of Art

"Thank you Karen, for seeing me, for capturing these gorgeous shots, and for being a calm and fun presence in a nerve-wracking process. I’m so grateful I decided to do this photo shoot for many reasons, but right now what I’m finding most valuable is the gift of seeing myself from different angles, new perspectives, through someone else’s eyes."


"Being seen through your lens was effortless and delightful. Having these moments forever in image moves me to tears. This was the most “naked” part of our wedding day- joyful, sensuous, deeply alive. Thank you, dear Karen, for your clear and loving eye."


"Oh Karen, they’re beautiful. You captured so many expressions and feelings and magic from this little person that I spend plenty of time trying to etch into my brain. So grateful to have these moments in color. Thank you."


"These are sublime, Karen. One of the things I love most about your photos is they aren’t editorial - they are fine art. Your pictures aren’t selling a product or piece of clothing or jewelry. Your photos tell the story of two people - you and your model."




Your life & love is a living, breathing work of art.
Your photos should be too.

your life deserves to be documented

together we artfully capture your unique life story

images that pulse

I am on a quest to make photos that you and I can feel. Images that pulse. Photos with a heartbeat, shiver, a sigh.