Music has always stirred my soul and musicians have always had my heart. There's a rawness in the art of music and its surrounding world that I am fervently drawn to. It's no surprise that I repeatedly turn my camera upon musicians, creating portraits that express their poetic and unique essence.

My quiet yet curious nature leads me to capture raw and honest behind-the-scenes moments. I love hanging out in the studio as an album is being made, listening in while laying low and then snapping photos of the process and energy when the time is right.

My traveling nature means that I am at home on the road, therefore tour photography calls to me as well.

My approach is simple, kind and honest. You make the magic, I document it in an artistic way.

Musicians, touring
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Musicians, your creative spirit never ceases to light me up. Let's gather some clothing, your instruments, a few ideas and then run off on a portrait making adventure. We will tell stories along the way, maybe play each other our favorite songs, and let our creativity run wild as we make a batch of images that you can pull from in the months ahead. 

creative portraiture

Starting at $675

Behind the scenes photography is one of my greatest loves. By nature I am a quiet and observant person. With curious eyes I take in the world around me while listening as the story being told unfolds. I can read the energy in the room, noticing expressions and emotions that are often overlooked, and I tend to be a calming presence for others. When I shoot BTS I do all of this with a camera around my neck, documenting the energy that makes a moment.

behind the scenes

Starting at $500

Life on the road is an experience unlike any other. I will be there to document the behind-the-scenes moments and stage performances through photo stills. My tour imagery is photojournalistic in style, with an eye towards emotion, truth, and the story behind the band. I will capture you as you are, and as the audience sees you. Together, we'll make imagery that is real.


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- Maya Angelou

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. ”